HOTMAN® - Integrated Hemodynamic Management System

(HOTMAN® = Hemodynamic and Oxygen Transport Monitoring & Management Systems)

HOTMAN® System has both the FDA 510(k) marketing approval and CE-Certification.


As the era of stand-alone monitors for individual cardiodynamic and/or hemodynamic parameters ends (such as blood pressure monitor, pulse oximetry monitor,...), complete systems for assessment, monitoring and management of hemodynamics and oxygen transport dynamics are emerging. HEMO SAPIENS' HOTMAN® System is a clear harbinger of this profound change. HOTMAN® System not only assesses and monitors a patient's complete hemodynamics and oxygen transport dynamics, it also enables the clinician to manage a patient's hemodynamic state (to administer therapeutic correction of the system-identified hemodynamic causes of abnormal hemodynamics). In addition, its unique feature enables the hemodynamic therapy modeling (on-screen prediction of hemodynamic changes to take place as a result of an on-screen application of cardioactive and vasoactive drugs).

As discussed in the Hemodynamic Management, hemodynamic measurement consists of simultaneous measurement of both blood pressure and blood flow. For continuous, hands-free acquisition of blood flow and cardiodynamic parameters, HOTMAN® System uses HSI's proprietary Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB) technology. Blood pressure is measured by any auscultatory or automated external  blood pressure device and the values of Systolic and Diastolic blood pressures are periodically entered via the System's keyboard. HOTMAN® System is actually a single-purpose host system/PC with the HSI's hemodynamic acquisition, storage, monitoring, management and modeling software installed.

HOTMAN® System is technologically, hemodynamically, economically and clinically more advanced than host of stand-alone monitors performing some parts of HOTMAN® Monitoring functions, though none of them offers the management capabilities:

HOTMAN System Display Screens:

 Any HOTMAN® System can be operated either in a "All Noninvasive Data" mode, or in "Invasive Data Available" mode:


- Preoperative hemodynamic assessment in a matter of minutes, especially information about the status of volemia
- Postoperative monitoring and management
- Home Health Care hemodynamic monitoring and management
- Rapid assessment and management of hypertension. Click here to see a Case Study of resistant hypertension.
- 24-hour Holter monitoring of complete hemodynamics
- Sleep studies
- Cardio-pulmonary
laboratory evaluation
- Sports medicine
- Wellness Centers and preventive cardiovascular care: maintenance of health
- Fertility Clinics
- Male impotence centers
- Pharmaceutical Research - Establishing vectorial effects of cardio- and vasoactive drugs and/or drugs with a cardio- or vasoactive effects

Whereas some medical systems enable management of patients' data,
the HOTMAN® Systems enable the management of patients

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